If You Are Traveling And You Notice These 5 Signs In Any Bus Run For Your Life

In this contemporary world, a lot of evil things are happening most especially when travelling. Some drivers are out there looking for who to kill before his or her time. Before you enter any car that is for commercial purpose Please I advise you to consider these things for so as to have a safe journey.

I believe you might have heard different stories of People who traveled and never returned back either alive or without any of their properties.

If so then this article will help you and guide you not to fall victim.

They are people who travel almost everyday either to their working place, village or campus.


1# If Someone Comes Down And Ask You To Sit Between The Middle Of Unknown Men

Whenever you stop a car or maybe a car stops to Pick you either from a park or road side, and the last person that is close to the door comes out of the car and ask you to enter and sit at the middle of People you haven’t seen before, Please kindly let the car go and find another bus for your self and for the sake of your life.

2# Any Black Tinted Bus

Don’t ever enter a black tinted car or bus that is for commercial purpose, rather go for any one that Nigeria security officer can see as many People that are inside the bus.

Today in lagos and other populated areas, these buses are for something else. Not anyhow drivers can have tinted glass car today because it required linces.

Think about this, What if you are dying in the car how can police or army come to rescue you since they Don’t know What is happening in the bus.

Think about this, What if you are dying in the car how can police or army come to rescue you since they Don’t know What is happening in the bus.

3# When The Driver Is Rushing You To Enter The Bus

If you discover there is no traffic and the driver is rushing you to enter the bus or car, please don’t enter the bus, just find another motor.

4# When You Pray And Your Mind Tell You Not To Enter The Bus

Please and Please, maybe you come to motor park and you are about travelling and, the First thing you should do is to pray over your journey. And if your mind did not permit you to enter Please follow your mind inorder to save your life.

5# If You Notice That The Driver Is Making Frequent Calls

Unlike I said earlier, today many drivers have connection with bad guys in the society. Some of them will be contacting the driver to know his location and be ready to take action. Please if you discover your driver making calls that you Don’t understand shout for rescue immediately.

Source; opera news



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