If we don’t express our appreciation to NPP, we’ll bring curses upon ourselves – NAPO warns Ashanti Region

The Ashanti Region’s residents have been warned by the Minister for Energy not to lose sight of the fact that the NPP government is the only one to have brought growth and development to the area.

No party, including the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), is more dedicated to improving the Asante land than the New Patriotic Party, according to Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh (NAPO) (NPP).

Speaking at the Suame Interchange’s sod-cutting event as part of President Akufo-visit Addo’s of the Ashanti Region, NAPO noted that residents of the area could only express their gratitude to the NPP by being true to the party.

The president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, was jeered during his tour of the area, prompting the energy minister to make these comments.

If we don’t express our appreciation to NPP, we’ll bring curses upon ourselves – NAPO warns Ashanti Region

“John Mahama came here to insult us, but I did not hear journalists on the radio station speaking about it. Some even said they did not hear it. But as soon as Nana Addo makes a pronouncement, everybody starts berating him.

“Let me tell you this, if you want a government that will develop the Ashanti Region, it is the NPP government. If Nana Addo had succeeded President Kufuor, Kumasi would now be called the Golden City. Because an NPP government did not succeed Kufuor, Ashanti became the borla (garbage) city.

“Let us not be ungrateful. Ashantis never forget. Let us not be ungrateful because Ashanti remembers the good deeds done to it. Ashanti will continue to support the NPP by being loyal till the time Jesus comes.

“I can say it confidently that anyone who will vote for the NDC does not want the progress of the Ashanti land. For six years now, there has been no shortage of food, and if we do not thank God and show appreciation to Nana Addo, then we are inviting curses on ourselves,” the energy minister, who is also the Member of Parliament for Manhyia South, said in Twi.

President Akufo-convoy Addo’s encountered hoots, boos, and jeers as it passed through Kumasi’s Central Business District, in contrast to the customary shouts and jamborees that greet the president in the New Patriotic Party’s stronghold during any visit.

The president and his convoy traveled through the Adum Market to check on the status of construction on the Kejetia/Central Market Project Phase II, as shown in videos posted on social media, as some traders lined up along the length of road booed away.

The country’s widespread economic struggle and the state of Ghana’s economy as of late have been heavily blamed for the booing.

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