I won’t reply Samira Bawumia’s insults else her marriage will collapse – Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong, the NPP’s prospective presidential candidate, has explained why he chose not to respond to Samira Bawumia’s insults.

The divisive politician said that Mrs. Bawumia’s marriage will fail if he responds to her personal assault on him.

In an interview that aired on Oyerepa TV in Kumasi and has since gone viral on social media, Ken Agyapong was heard refuting claims that he has been disparaged by women.

According to Ken Agyapong, individuals who argue that the Second Lady avoided addressing names in her speech would equally accuse him of demeaning women if he continued to address concerns without naming specific people. He made it clear that he didn’t wish to end the Second Lady’s union.

“I have vowed not to comment. You heard what Mrs. Bawumia said about me but I didn’t reply her because if I reply her, her marriage will collapse,” he stated.

I won’t reply Samira Bawumia’s insults else her marriage will collapse – Kennedy Agyapong

In response to the host’s question about if his remarks without context suggest a particular agenda, Ken Agyapong answered, “I said I won’t talk.”

He supported his statement by remaining silent in response to the Second Lady’s criticism of him.

Ken Agyapong claims that Samira Bawumia claimed he had become alright after receiving large contracts from the government, but that he now wishes to disparage the party that has provided him with so much.

In a related incident, the Second Lady instructed delegates in the Amansie constituency to disregard Mr. Agyapong, who has been claiming that, should he lose the flag bearer battle, he will make sure the NPP falls to opposition.

“We need to show in our utterances that this election is very consequential for the party and for that reason we need not to make any mistake but rather show a united front. That is why we should all rally behind someone who can win us the power. But those who are campaigning with pain and anger, saying we should go to opposition if things do not go their way, do we accept such stance?,” Samira had said.#

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