I will teach them a lesson after Nov 4 – Ken Agyapong attacks Ungrateful NPP MPs

Kennedy Agyapong, a candidate for the party’s presidential nomination, has referred to certain New Patriotic Party (NPP) MPs as ungrateful.

He voiced his extreme disgust in the way some of these MPs are treating him during a media engagement, despite the fact that he has helped and supported them.

Mr. Agyapong highlighted that he has long-standing grudges against these people, implying that it would be difficult to forgive them.

He said that the results of their activities will ultimately become apparent, especially following the party’s primary election on November 4, 2023.

I will teach them a lesson after Nov 4 – Ken attacks Ungrateful NPP MPs

“Last week one of them that I have helped, I will never forgive him but I am waiting but after Nov 4 he will see what will happen. If you’re not even going to vote for me you have a choice, I don’t have a problem,” he stated.

The Assin Central MP also expressed his disgust with some MPs’ activities, which intentionally dissuade delegates from voting for him.

He noted his previous endorsement of and vigorous campaigning for Obeng-Boateng, a candidate for the Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai seat.

He claims that despite his prior aid, Obeng-Boateng is still running against him.

“I went there to campaign for this MP to win and this man picks a phone and calls delegates and says don’t vote for Ken Agyapong, vote for number 2 on the ballot.

“Then one of them asked him, why? He said Ken Agyapong makes reckless statements. I’m talking about Bibiani MP, I campaigned for him. I left his place 1:00am. For this man to say I talk recklessly, I can never forgive that guy.

“When they sacked him from BOST, he was always in my house till about 1:00am consoling him. If you won’t vote for me, no problem, but for you to tell delegates in your area that I speak recklessly, I leave him to God,” Ken lamented.

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