“I will stop the prostitution if I get help” – Mother of Four confesses


A Nigerian woman identified as Esohe Akonedo shares what she experienced in Libya while trying to cross to Europe.

According to her, before she decided to travel to Europe, she has four kids for two men who abandoned her with the children leaving her with little choice but to consider traveling outside Nigeria for greener pasture.


She said she had to travel to Libya in search of greener pastures to ensure that her kids were taken care of since their father abandoned them.

According to her, she had to borrow N600k to travel and over a year now she has still not paid that money.


The money was given to her after she agreed to swear an oath with juju.

She revealed that while they were on the journey to Lidya they were robbed by armed robbers who attacked their vehicle and even raped her in adding.


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Things became very difficult so she had to drink her own urine since there was water no were to drink on the desert.

When she finally got to Lidya, she had to become a prostitute to pay her rent and other bills.

she added that anytime things becomes tough for her, she works as a prostitute even in Nigeria.

She further revealed that she wasn’t able to cross to Europe because she got deported after the authorities found out she was into prostitution in Lidya (Connection House).

Her four children have stopped schooling because she can’t pay their fees anymore so they are currently staying with her mother.


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