I was completely isquoted – Mr Logic explains GH¢8,000 daily expenditure claim

Mr. Logic, a Ghanaian entertainment analyst and artiste management, has clarified any misunderstandings he may have had over his remarks on everyday expenses.

Recall that Mr. Logic disclosed in an earlier interview with ZionFelix that he spends GH₵8,000 every day.

He stated that the sum paid to him covers all of his expenditures as a prominent figure in the entertainment business, including GH₵1,000 for gasoline.

Social media users reacted negatively to his comments, accusing him of lying.

I was completely isquoted – Mr Logic explains GH¢8,000 daily expenditure claim

Mr. Logic clarified in an interview on 3FM on April 1 that the amount comprised both personal and business-related expenses.

“Where people are getting it wrong is that they think I’m talking about spending as in buying food and eating. It’s not like that. It’s business expenditures along with personal expenditures,” he said.

He said he was being misquoted in the reports and emphasised that his expenditure is due to the work he puts into his various ventures; many of which the public is not aware of.

“They misquoted me, that’s why we’re having that problem. But then the expenditure is real. I mean, based on the work that we put in.

“I have businesses that people don’t know about. My fashion business, my farms, and all those, they don’t know about them,” he added.

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