‘I wanted to be a Roman Sister’ – Rev. Charlotte Oduro

Popular relationship and marriage counselor Charlotte Oduro has stated that she never intended to get married or have kids.

The marriage expert expressed her views on marriage in light of her upbringing and the experiences she had as a child.

Counselor Charlotte revealed that her ultimate goal as a young girl growing up in the Zongo society was to become a Roman sister in order to avoid getting married and having children. Counselor Charlotte disclosed that she had lost interest in men after witnessing boyfriends and partners harassing and mistreating their female partners.

‘I wanted to be a Roman Sister’ – Rev. Charlotte Oduro

It bothered me to see men beating up women. I thought men were ruthless creatures. I was also taught that pregnancy and childbirth are excruciatingly painful, so I never wanted to become pregnant. On “Aggressive Show,” she told Kwaku Manu, “I wanted to be a Roman Sister.”

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The marital guru continued by detailing how her mother had influenced her to follow God, lead a chaste life, and stay away from bad company. Charlotte, a counselor, claims that she wed her husband while she was still a virgin.

She said, “My mother led me to God. Other than followers of her religion, she has no friends. She frequently read the Bible in her room. Even though we were residents of Zongo, our way of life was unique. She terrified us by telling us that if we had sex with men, we would get pregnant.


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