I want to make it so hard for anyone to break my record – Chef Faila

Chef Faila has set out on a bold quest to make history in the world of culinary marvels and Guinness World Records by breaking Alan Fisher’s fabled 119 hours and 57 minutes cookathon record.

Chef Faila promised to make Ghanaians proud before setting out on her epic culinary adventure. She was full of optimism and determination that she would not just break the record, but smash it.

Chef Faila’s enthusiasm and determination are best summed up in a recently rediscovered interview.

She vowed in the video to break the previous cookathon record and to complete the 120 hours that were originally scheduled.

I want to make it so hard for anyone to break my record -Chef Faila

Her remarks struck a chord of unflinching confidence and a will to push herself to the brink for the glory of cooking.

“I’m not just going to break the record; I’m going to cook for more than the 120 hours I had initially planned. I want to make it so hard for anyone to break my record,” – Chef Faila declared in the interview

According to Chef Faila, her primary motivation stems from a deep desire to make her fellow Ghanaians proud.

She acknowledged in the interview that she felt obligated to showcase her nation’s culinary achievements internationally.

She wants to demonstrate the culinary skills and commitment that Ghanaians bring to the table by breaking the previous cookathon record.

During the conversation, one of Chef Faila’s most notable remarks was her dedication to cooking for “unimaginably long hours.”

This proclamation has opened the door to an unprecedented cookathon that will test not just her stamina but also the standards of the food industry.

Chef Faila seems to be pursuing perfection with a tenaciousness that makes it extremely difficult for anyone to beat her record.


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