I think Shatta Wale may be having a mental disorder – Ola Michael Explains Why

According to Ghanaian media personality Ola Michael, musician Shatta Wale may be struggling from narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

An exaggerated feeling of one’s own significance is a symptom of NPD, a mental health condition. They desire to be admired and make excessive demands on people’s time.

I think Shatta Wale may be having a mental disorder – Ola Micheal Explains Why

Ola Michael made the idea on United Showbiz on Saturday, August 26. He said that after years of monitoring Shatta Wale’s conduct, he may have NPD.

It’s possible that Shatta Wale has a mental problem or narcissistic personality disorder.He overstates his feeling of importance and seeks constant attention. He also has an extremely difficult time taking criticism.


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