” I started my business with GHS 300 but now a millionaire” – Tracey Boakye shares deep secrets

Kumawood actress Tracey Boakye has affirmed that she is a millionaire after she invested GHS 300 into her business.

In an interview with Abeiku Santana on the ATUU show, Tracey Boakye who is believed to own houses in Accra and Kumasi said she worked her socks off to get to where she is currently.

According to her, despite her hard work and dedication to being a wealthy woman, her “Papa No” played a critical role in helping her to get to that level.

“Every relationship is a give-and-take situation. I will accept money from my partner even if I have a house full of money. I did some, and Papa No (my father) encouraged me. “

“Someone you’re dating and have a child with will undoubtedly assist you. But I’m also incredibly assertive. This is something that everyone who knows me knows,” she shared.

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In the same interview, Tracey Boakye described herself as a ‘million-dollar” rich woman.

With news of her buying a house in one of the European countries coupled with her lavish travels and lifestyle, the actress intimated that although she started with just GH¢300, she has risen from the doldrums of poverty to the high echelons of wealth and power.

“Although I have not sat down to fully calculate how much I am worth, I believe I am in the million-dollar rich bracket. I have made a lot of money although I started very small.

“I not in the billion-dollar bracket yet but I consider myself as very rich,” she said.

Tracey Boakye is considered one of the self-made women in the country based on her social media activities which reveal wealth, affluence and luxury. She has insisted that she owes everything she had amassed to dint of hard work.

Tracey Boakye affectionately describes herself as the “East Legon” landlady. Meanwhile, many believe she has probably established links with big men in the country who sponsor her lifestyle.

When the “Papa No” saga came to the fore, former President Mahama was mentioned as one of the sponsors of Tracey Boakye’s eye-catching lifestyle…a rumour she vehemently refuted.

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