I regret dating some people – McBrown cries

Nana Ama McBrown, an actress and media personality, acknowledged that she has some embarrassing memories from the past.

She also made note of the individuals she dated, saying she would have changed her mind if she had realized she would gain the degree of celebrity she has now.

The well-known actress, who opted not to give their names, said that she now regretted dating them.

I regret dating some people – McBrown cries

“Sometimes I ask myself that as humans, what do we want on Earth? Because when we were young, due to hardships and friends, we do certain things. But for me, if I knew who God would have made me, there are some things that I wouldn’t have done,” she said in a chat with Kobby Kyei.

“If I knew that everywhere I went, kids and adults would recognize me, I wouldn’t have dated certain people, and there are some friends I wouldn’t have made,” she added.

A window into Nana Ama McBrown’s life path is provided via her reflective chat, in which she discusses how her celebrity has caused her to reflect on her past decisions and impart knowledge to the next generation.

Her admissions act as a helpful reminder of the significance of taking lessons from one’s past and making wise decisions going forward.

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