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I only eat virgins – Man reveals

A young Ghanaian man who wants to remain anonymous has confessed that all he does is to sleep with young virgins.

According to him, he has always had a strong urge to sleep with girl virgins who are much younger than him because it makes him feel good.

Talking to Rev Nyansa Boakwa on the Boneka Edition of Nsem Pii on Happy 98.9 FM he said, “I honestly don’t know what pushes me to do it. I’ve tried on several occasions to put an end to it, but I seem not to be able to stop”.

Asked how many young girls he has disvirgined, he counted about 10-15 of them. “These are the people who have fallen victim to my mischievous actions which have made me lose many opportunities and money”.

“I now have two kids with two different girls because they got pregnant after I forcefully slept with them. And till date, it keeps haunting me” he said.

He added that he has changed his ways and is now ready to settle down. But now, “I can’t seem to find any woman who is interested in me. Everyone I propose marriage to turns me down and I feel I am being punished for everything I did in the past. I really need help”, he made a passionate plea.

Rev Nyansa Boakwa advised he find all the young ladies he forcefully disvirgined and apologize to them if he wants his life back on track.


Source: Happy 98.9


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