Video: I now beg my friends to feed my family 4 years after defending Akufo-Addo – Socrates Sarfo cries

Ghanaian movie producer, Socrates Sarfo has said that after defending Akufo-Addo for almost four years, he still begs friends for money to buy food.

According to him, he is currently getting frustrated defending Akufo-Addo and his government on an empty stomach while people who are not doing anything are given huge sums of money.

Socrate Sarfo who was speaking on Accra-based Okay FM, “If somebody is listening, they should tell the President that some of us are getting tired. The frustration is too much we’ve been quiet for far too long and it feels like some people feel that being quiet means you’re stupid, no, being quiet means giving people time to reform”.

He continued “we voted for a party, the President is doing whatever he can do but there are people who don’t understand why they are in office. We can’t come and sit here on an empty stomach for four years we finish, and we go and beg friends for food and at the end of the day people sit at certain places, and they want to be carried palanquins”.

The movie producer advised that it’s high time the NPP are open with information because the lack of it can lead the party to a defeat they cannot fathom.


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