I led Ebony to Christ before she passed away – Kaywa

Famous music producer Kaywa has urged celebrities to disregard death predictions since they do not always come true.

Kaywa said that many celebrities and the general public dread death and omens owing to a lack of understanding in a live conversation on X with Graphic Showbiz.

“What is death? We are simply transitioning from one place to another. If you are a believer, death should not instil fear in you. God reveals to redeem, so if there is a prophecy about death, we should pray about it, and everything will be fine,” he expressed.

I led Ebony to Christ before she passed away – Kaywa

He added that he had been given a prophecy about the late songstress Ebony Reigns before her death and had subsequently converted her to Christianity before her passing in 2018.

“Before Ebony passed away, I had a prophecy and reached out to her. I can confidently say that I led her to Christ before her death,” he shared.

Kaywa emphasized that all prophesies, whether favorable or unfavorable, should be taken seriously. He emphasized that prophets don’t express their personal beliefs; rather, they serve as God’s messengers, carrying His words.

“Whether you believe in the prophecy or not, the prophet’s aim is to convey what God has revealed to him. It is up to the recipient to accept it and act upon it. I have given some prophecies about certain individuals, and they received them with grace, and we prayed about them,” he iterated.

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