I laugh when you say we’re not producing enough movies – Joselyn Dumas fires

I laugh when you say we’re not producing enough movies – Joselyn Dumas fires


Ghanaian actress and Talk Show host, Joselyn Dumas, has taken to social media to express her displeasure at the lack of support for the movie industry by Ghanaians.

Using Nigerians as her point of reference, she touted them as a supportive group of people who support their own and promote the Nollywood industry. She said this trait is missing sadly among Ghanaians. She said Ghanaians always go to the cinema to watch other foreign movies aside their own, but Nigerians on the other hand only go to the cinema to watch their own movies.

She tweeted:

“It’s sad how Ghanaians troop to cinemas to watch foreign movies. Meanwhile Nigerians would troop to watch their own movies whether nice or not, it’s the deep innate need to support their own. I laugh when you guys say we’re not producing enough movies. If we did, would you watch?”

She explained that support for the industry begins with individual Ghanaians and claimed that the country is blessed with producers who churn out world class movies. She further asked the private sector and government to invest in the industry by building cinemas across the country where Ghanaian movies would be premiered.

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“The support begins with YOU. We have a couple of directors, producers & actors producing world class movies, great cinematography etc. Also if the private sector/individuals or Government/ @MOTACGhana would invest in state owned cinemas across all regions in Ghana.”

“Imagine the growth that will bring. We can’t do it all by ourselves. Already we spend huge amounts of money to produce these movies. How do we make our monies back to invest in other films if YOU don’t support & watch in cinemas. Its UNDYING SUPPORT that makes an industry thrive.”

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