I haven’t scammed my church church members – Prophetess Agradaa speaks after her arrest

Evangelist Patricia Aseidua, also known as Nana Agradaa, has admitted that she did not con her church’s members as has been claimed.
Remember that a video from Nana Agradaa’s church was released over the weekend showing her church members sobbing about being supposedly duped by Nana Agradaa.

I haven’t scammed my church church members – Prophetess Agradaa speaks after her arrest

Some of the victims of Nana Agradaa’s scams claim that she urged them to bring a certain amount of money so that she could double it for them; nevertheless, it appears that neither the members who handed out their money nor the return received it.

Nana Agradaa has discussed the money swindle at her church and explained what happened after she was arrested.

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She said that the individuals in the viral video were only trying to get in touch with her for counseling. When discussing the money scam, she revealed that she had planned an all-night service where she had pledged to give her church members money to aid those in need.

She described how she invited her church members to donate an offertory during the all-night service, and after they finished, some new members hoped to get twice as much as they had paid as an offertory as promised.

She emphasized that in order to be considered legitimate church members, these newcomers must register, and they are not eligible for the promised money-doubling.

The episode, according to Nana Agradaa, was regrettable and intended to harm her reputation. I will continue to serve the living God as long as I am alive, she added.

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