I have been divorced twice – Nana Yaa Brefo


Former employee of the Multimedia Group Nana Yaa Brefo has disclosed that she is in her third marriage after been divorced twice in her previous marriages.

Speaking in an interview with Ola Michael on Neat Fm, Nana Yaa Brefo stated firmly that combining her job with her marital life has been one of her biggest challenge and that has led to her two unsuccessful marriages.

Recounting on why her previous marriages hit the snags, Nana Yaa Brefo revealed that she once tied the knot with a fellow colleague in the media industry and had a child with but unfortunately the marriage didn’t last. Adding that she then got married again and after 12 years, the marriage fell in cold waters.

However, the former Multimedia employee went on and unveiled that she is now married to a man in the US but decided to keep it on the low as she didn’t want to make noise about the marriage.

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Touching on the possible reasons why her first two marriages took a nosedive, Nana Yaa Brefo stated emphatically that being a journalist demands a partner who understands the job and the numerous movements which comes with it before they can settle with you for a long period of time.

“A lot of people in the media, especially, the women have marital issues and some are not even married. I’ve woken up at dawn for years and it is very difficult for a man to tolerate the fact that he does not see his wife when he wakes up and has to take care of their child all by himself before going to work. Sometimes when you return home, you are asked to return. The calls you make to get guests on a show even could cause problems with your husband,” she averred.

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In furtherance Nana Yaa Brefo went on disclosed that she, she keeps her aggressiveness at the door of her marital home and for that matter isn’t overly assertive with her partner.

“I’m not the type that will kowtow to everything that my husband says but I always give you your respect and consult you on issues first before acting,” she said.

Source: Ghanaown.com

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