“I feel bad when Men stare at my big B00bs – Comedienne cries out

Famous Nigerian Comedienne Kemi Ikesueedah popularly known as Mummy Wa has revealed how terrible she feels when she gets all the attention in Public because of her huge Melons.

Mummy Wa rose to fame after pairing with Popular Comedian Mr. Macaroni as his wife in their popular Comedy Skits says she feels depress each time Men makes comments about her Boobs.

In her recent interview, she revealed how she was harassed.

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” I think every girl, beautiful or not has faced sexual harassment before. This Includes the way people talk to you, what some guys send to you and some Physical touch

The movie Industry is a Hiding place for pervert. Thats the truth because these days every girl wants to be an actress. Some guys will seize that opportunity and take advantage of the depressed ones.

It also happens the other way round but most guys do not complain. A female producer or director will sexually harassed them they would maybe not complain because they like it.

“Sometimes I feel depressed because I dont like the attention I get because of my Physical features, while some days I feels sexy even though people always look at me with Lustful eyes. I am Happy with my Self and My Looks. I love how I look.

” I look out for a hardworking man, who is caring and supportive. Presently I am dating an entertainer and Hoping we get married soon”





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