‘I Can No More KeepThe Secret’ – Kelvin Taylor Spills Out Secrets On Covid-19 Cases Surging In

The extreme increase in the number of cases on COVID-19 in Ghana is abnormal, thousands of cases have been recorded just in the 2020 elections, doctors and health professionals are advising the president to impose another Lockdown so that the spread of the virus will limit because many people are not adhering to the safety protocols.

The government has addressed the country that, there would be a Lockdown If the number of cases on covid-19 Continue to increase every day. The US-based Ghanaian journalist, Kevin Taylor, on his ‘with all due respect, programme on loud silence TV yesterday made some comments on how the government of Ghana is handling the covid-19 disease and has dropped some secrets on why the cases is increasing abnormally everyday.

During the the 2020 election, the borders where were opened to receive a lot of people with running a covid-19 test on them just because it was a few days to election and so they can not be quarantined for the 14 days as the rule says. During the 2020 election, there were videos of political rallies of which many people come together from their various places without wearing the nose mask but nothing was said about it.

Kelvin Taylor also emphasised that, the government is just lying to the public about the number of cases recorded every day, the numbers we are seeing is not the actual figures, they have reduced the numbers so that the citizens will not place blame on them that, their political activities has led to the extreme increase in the number of cases on covid-19, he said. The disease is out of control and instead of telling Ghanaians the truth, they are just playing politics about the case.


The government is no more doing contact tracing of people having symptoms of the disease, many people have been infected with the virus, but they are in their comfort zones because no contact tracing is being done to fish out those people, the government have not been doing those things, and they are just feeding the public with wrong figures about the number cases on covid-19.

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There have been a report that, some of the men who survived from the deadly covid-19 disease are complaining of having erectile dysfunctions, if that is the case then the men are not going to report to the government if they show any symptoms of the covid-19 because they will think that even after surviving the disease, they will lose their happiness because their manhood would not be able to function again.


He said the government should take actions and stop confusing the citizens with big big grammars, this high time for the government to do something before all the people in Ghana dies, even those advance countries are suffering very much but it seems the leaders of the country are just thinking about their own issues leaving the covid-19 issues behind. The covid-19 is very Serious in Ghana and the government is just playing politics about it, he said.


Source: Opera News



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