I am not afraid to die – Anas

Anas Aremeyaw Anas, an investigative journalist, has talked about mortality and whether or not he is afraid of dying because of his line of work.

One question that Anas was addressed directly during the Disrupt Lab event in Germany was, “Are you afraid to die?” In reply, he said that his steadfast belief and Muslim faith provide him a grounded perspective on death.

“Fear, I was purged of fear long ago and I am a Muslim, I believe that if you die, you are dead and gone and that it is Allah’s will that you should die.

“And if there is anything I hate, it is that I don’t want to die a coward. I want to die fighting for the right things in society,” he stressed.

I am not afraid to die – Anas

Anas Aremeyaw Anas, known for his impactful investigative journalism, has frequently faced threats to his life and the safety of those close to him due to the nature of his work. Unfortunately, his team, Tiger Eye PI, has yet to receive definitive answers regarding the death of one of their key investigators, Ahmed Hussein Suale, who was fatally shot in 2019.

This tragic incident occurred months after the release of Anas’ investigative film ‘Number 13,’ which uncovered corruption in football politics at local, national, and continental levels.

Anas Aremeyaw In his journalistic pursuits, Anas has continuously highlighted social justice and human rights/anti-corruption issues. He is dedicated to his work in spite of the risks.

He recently hinted at the intriguing documentary’s January 2024 debut, while the topic is yet unknown. The second installment of a documentary about galamsey, or unlawful small-scale mining, was the most recent release prior to this statement.

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