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I’m Emotionally Strong And Unbreakable [Fantana] Claims


Ruff Town Record newly signed artiste born Francine Nyanko Koffi,but known in showbiz cycles as Fantana has disclosed that no man can ever break her heart.

According to the new signee, claims she is too experienced when it comes to handling her emotions of which it will be very difficult for any man to manoeuvre her feelings and emotions.

“I am a tough lady and no man can ever break my heart; I have never suffered a broken heart and I am not sure I will ever suffer any.

I have been with three guys and I do not wait for the relationship to get to that level before I leave. Once I see that it will not go anywhere, I just leave.

She, however, admitted that there was an occasion where she cried a little over a guy but it was not because of a broken heart.

“I have cried over a guy before but it was not because my heart was broken, I had just realised that I wasted my time for the one year I was with him and it surprised me that I was with him for that long. Indeed that has been the longest relationship I have ever had,” she said.



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