How TV3 CEO tried to coerce me to speak for NPP – Bridget Otoo recounts

Celebrity Bridget Otoo has shared candidly some of the difficult situations she encountered while working at Media General (TV3) as a multimedia journalist.

Bridget Otoo revealed in a one-on-one interview on the KSM show that she received backlash for criticizing an IEA debate that took place prior to the 2016 elections. Bridget didn’t think the debate was necessary since she thought it wouldn’t have a significant impact on how the nation was run.

She claims that the current head of the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensa, who was with the IEA at the time, wrote to TV3 management about her alleged harassment of guests and hosts during live broadcasts.

“It was such a terrible thing they wrote. That doctor wrote to General Manager of TV3 then. The CEO at the time called me and said be nice to these NPP people. I got the impression that they were all pro-NPP. It is fine, we all have our biases.”

How TV3 CEO tried to coerce me to speak for NPP – Bridget Otoo recounts

However, Bridget Otoo decided to stand her ground and according to her, this cost her the opportunity to be on air any longer.

“They took me off air. They just halt your career. They are telling you we decide how far you are going to go,” she said.

She noted that while at the media house, a current Minister requested that she join the New Patriotic Party’s communication team to help push the party’s narratives and agenda.

She noted that she denied the request. “I was just not interested. It was a no,” she said.

According to Bridget Otoo, she now values her presence on social media more than being on television as she gets the opportunity to freely share her thoughts on issues that borders on the wellbeing of citizens.

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