How to Test Your Weakness

How to Test Your Weakness – It’s easy to smile and appear all prim and proper when things are working the way you want them. But if it’s also that easy for you to give an attitude or throw tantrums when you couldn’t have your way with things, you’re weak.

If you believe a gossip about an old friend by a new friend without giving your old friend benefit of doubt and doing your due diligence to verify the gossip, you’re weak….

How To Test Your Weakness
How To Test Your Weakness

If you can’t keep a secret as you promised or bridle your tongue when you’re prodded. If you discuss your friend’s life issues (which was told you in confidence) with your other friends as “normal gist”, you’re weak…

If you oppress others with your inheritance or hard work, you’ve not noticed that both your inheritance and the strength you applied in the hard work were gracious gifts to you from God. You’ve forgotten that your breath is not your own, you’re weak…

If you talk to people the way you want and behave towards other as you wish without minding how they feel and you don’t see any need to change your ways just because you can get away with your actions, you’re weak. Have you heard the saying that “karma is a bitch?”

If it’s easy for you to forget an act of kindness done to you by others no matter how small, you may be suffering from a “sense of entitlement”. You’ll hardly see “being alive” as something to be grateful for, and this is the greatest sign of weakness. It’s called ingratitude.

And folks, this is how to test your weakness. How weak are you?

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