How to make relationships work despite tribal differences

Entrepreneur and Freelance Marketer, Yvonne Afare, has shared a few tips per her knowledge on how two people of different tribal backgrounds can have a successful relationship and not be torn apart by their differences.

Co-interviewed with sex and wellness coach Lindiwe Rasekoala on eTV Ghana’s award-winning Girl Vibes show, she admitted to host, Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess that relationships can be very difficult to manage, especially when the two involved are of different tribes. However, she indicated that it is very possible to make things work.

Starting on her points on how this can be made possible, she noted that firstly, “You have to understand each other. You have to understand that my partner is coming from this particular background and once you accept that, things get easier”.

She again mentioned that it is important to learn a few stuff about each other’s tribes like their dressing, religious views among others so that it is easier to cope with those things. To learn, however, in her view was not to practice but to have knowledge about these things so that they do not seem weird or new when the person practices anything different from their culture.

Yvonne advised that starting a relationship means being ready to invite a whole new family into one’s life and there are several stages in a relationship, therefore, one must be sure that they are ready to put up with it all and compromise where needed to make things work.

Lindiwe chipped in that for two people of different tribes to make a relationship work, they need to understand what their common goal is. “As two people coming together, what do you want? You want to be together so what are you willing to compromise on and what are you not willing to compromise on?

If culturally or tribally, you’re not willing to compromise, that’s okay but for people in the 21st Century especially, that should not be a big factor because we’re easily adaptable. We’re easily growing with changes so it doesn’t really matter that your father is ewe and that your mother is Ashanti”, the lady concluded.


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