How To Make Money Online in 2021: Step-By-Step Guidance


In the old days, people worked for hours and walk long hours back home with a meager salary, but thanks to technology; this is no more. These days, technological advancement has made it possible for us to work in the comfort of our homes and earn a rewarding amount. In this article, I will walk you through various steps of how to make money online in 2021 and it works perfectly for everyone.

So, get behind your computers, mobile phones, or anything you can access the internet with because I am presenting to you, the complete guide to making money online in 2021.




Sports Betting was introduced in Ghana in 2006 and since then, has been with us till this day. Many have made a lot of income from sports betting and a lot have lost huge amounts to sports betting, but today is the day of your making. I am going to show you the secrets to win a bet hugely with no stress. The complete guidance in making money online in 2021 is right here.


One part of sports betting most people do not want to hear anything about is fixed matches. The question that pops up when fixed matches are being talked about is: “Do fixed matches exist?”. Yes, they do exist, but it is hard to come by the right source.


The most frequently asked questions that are being asked when fixed matches are being talked about is: “How do I find the real fixed match source(s)?”. Whatever platform you are on and want to buy fixed matches from, make sure the matches predictions are on a paper; hardcopy form, and not the ones staked on betting sites apps.

Secondly, any platform that claims to have fixed matches every day are there to scam you, so beware! Because that is all I can say for now.


Most betting platforms introduced instant virtual games to help people win huge sums every ten seconds. On sportybet, there is a trick for winning the instant virtuals, and in the next few seconds, I am going to reveal all these secret algorithmic tricks to you. As I told you earlier, I am presenting to you the Complete Guidance to Making money online in 2021.

  • Go through the instant virtual games.
  • Look out for Aston Villa’s games.
  • Make sure Aston Villa is playing an away game.
  • Look out for who the Home teams are(They should be great teams from the EPL).
  • Select over 1.5 for those kinds of games.



Freelancing is all about working for multiple clients at one time, and the freelancer is paid per the job he or she offers. People make huge sums of money from freelancing jobs.

Meanwhile, most people make meager amounts from it or do not make any amount from it at all. But the tricks to getting any amount you have been looking for is here.

I would personally recommend one site that would make you earn hugely:

On the Latium site, go through their stuff for a while. Afterward, you head straightly into the freelance section and follow the steps below:

  • In the freelance section, look out for language translation projects
  • Click on any of the language transcription projects you would like to work on
  • Make sure you charge lower than how the bids have been given, and chat those in charge of the projects in the chat section and discuss your eagerness in working on the project
  • After being given the mandate to work on the project, copy the project to google and translate it.

So, you need not worry about having knowledge about a language or not. You can get a lot of money ranging from $500 to $3000. That’s a huge sum of money huh?


An increasingly popular way of making money online is through online surveys, and this does not require any form of money investment. All it needs is a time investment. So, you have to devote some time to it and earn some handsome reward. This is not a lie, because people are already making money from it and you can too. Research companies are those behind all these surveys.

For instance: The researchers behind The Coca-cola company would like to know the likes and dislikes of their customers when it comes to their beverages. So what they would do is just create online questionnaires; which is also known as the survey to see what their customers talk about their products. And by devoting your time to answer those few questions, you are given a reward in the form of money. Isn’t this beautiful?

One beautiful thing is that by spending a few minutes on a survey, you can earn up to 5 bucks($5) from some legit online survey sites and they are:

All of the above are sites that give out surveys for money.


Another interesting and easy way to make money is through music reviews. Under music review, your main aim is to review unsigned bands and to see if they worth it considered another contract. Although, most people say it takes time to build a reputation, a lot of people are making huge sums of money over there; with a beginner even earning £40 per month.

The site for this music review will be provided below. Not only do you review and earn money from the site, but it also serves as an avenue to get in touch with different types and genres of music and enjoy them whilst you work for money.

The site is: SliceThePie

Note: You must do this type of job with all diligence so you would earn much reputation and earn huge sums of money. Aside from that, it is not just about getting the money, but also it is about getting the needed trust when it comes to the job and its affairs. With this, you can build a better CV and a better career even if the music does not matter in your field of study. The secret is: “No one hates music”.


Making money through photography

I am about revealing one secret no one would tell you. Did you know that you can make money from your own photography? The Internet has made things easier for us and we can earn through the little things we do. It does not matter whether you are a photographer or not. All you need to have is amazing photos; photos that look classy.

You can make money fast through your photography services in local Facebook groups for your community. If you want it to reach more audience, you can use a site like Burst. However, if you want to reach more audiences; mainly for monetization, you can use Foap.  This is where I would end the article on Complete Guidance to Making money online in 2021.

Thanks for reading this article. Keep on Ghanaown for more tips






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