How to make a girl fall in love with you

You have finally won the attention of the girl of your dreams and you want to make her fall in love with you. Well, you are reading the right article, be sure to come up with the best idea for a sweet love message for her. Most guys think that the way to a girl’s heart is simply buying them gifts which is somehow true. However, when you want to make a girl fall madly in love with you, you’ve got to speak directly to her heart. The way to man’s heart is through food as they say and the way to a girl’s heart is through her ears.

Most guys never seem to understand this but it’s actually a very crucial factor when you are wooing a girl. Others don’t just get it that girls love romantic guys. A romantic guy is the number one quality listed in her diary, so you have no choice, you just have to be romantic. A simple message can change a big no to a big yes and that is why we have listed different romantic words for her and the different ways you deliver that great text.

Words to make her fall in love with you:

My greatest achievement would be to have you in my life

This is effective especially if you are saying it to a girl who you are wooing and there could be signs that she is interested. You can send her this on a card and place it at her usual point e.g her locker or her office desk. This message will make her feel that you value her and there is nothing as important as that.

I love spending time with you, it gives me some heavenly feeling

When she already gave you a chance to take her out and you happen to have her contacts, a romantic gentleman should call her lady to ensure that she had a good time. You can call her and tell her this message over the phone or just text her and wait for her response. Just in case she doesn’t reply to your text, do not rush her, send her a goodnight text and wait for the following day.

This message shows that you had fun and would love to do it again and this will make her feel like an angel. Just ensure that she had a good time too.

Each time I see your lovely face or hear your sweet voice from afar I fall deeply in love over and over again

This is a deep love message for her that will make her feel unconditional love from you. This message can be sent through text or card message to make the bond between you even stronger. It shows that you are never tired of being around her. This love romantic message is very good for a married couple.

If you ever want to shut me up during an argument just kiss me

This can fall into the group of romantic love messages for wife. You can write it on a piece of card, roll it and then send it as a bottle message. With a bottle message, you do not send it yourself, you can give an errand boy to deliver it for you or give it to your toddler. This kind of message is especially used after a heavy argument. Bottle messages are best if the recipient sees it accidentally, but for you it would intentional. This message is sure to leave her utterly speechless.

I now have a reason to love my life because it leads me to you and that is the best thing that happened in my life. I love you

This is one of the very best sweet romantic messages that is also a very strong and sensitive one. Sending your lady this message will make her feel loved and highly esteemed. This you can just text her and use it as one of the good evening messages for her.

I was just thinking about you

This can be accompanied by a good morning text that will show her that you always think about her even when you just woke up. It is short text but it carries with it a message of the highest magnitude in any romantic relationship. It shows that you always think about and she means a lot to you than any other thing in your life. You can also send it at lunchtime hours along with a snack just make sure she hasn’t eaten already. This one has to be the sweetest love messages for a lady you like.

You are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on

This could earn you a peck or a blush. This is one of the sweet words for a lady that will make you love you and adore you. You can whisper that while walking and maybe she happens to see other ladies that she thinks are prettier than her. Most men fail to notice that girls envy each other a lot and if you happen to lay that message at the right time, she will feel loved.

I heard that love is a risky affair, well, I am risking it with you because you are worth it

A loving message for her such as this comes in when you are just starting out in your relationship. It’s an assurance to her that you are willing to go that extra mile for her. This will make her feel appreciated and there is no doubt that she will be willing to give you a chance to be with her. If you are still wooing her then this is the right message for her at this time and you are sure to win her over.

When am around you, when you are in my arms, my heart beats faster every time

When sending deep love messages for her, this should also be included. This efficient for couples who have been together for quite some time. You can send this to your wife along with some flowers while you are arranging for an evening date with her.

I wish I could hold you forever

This is great when you are together and you just whisper the words into her ears. This is the most efficient to deliver those love words to her. You can also send her an SMS at night along with a goodnight message to show that you had a great time if you had earlier met.

Your love is simply magical

This is a very sweet thing to tell a lady and it would earn you some more time with her. She is bound to feel even more loved than ever before. This is great when it comes with a bouquet of flowers and a note of this words written on it. Women love to show off, so if you send her this words on a card along with a bouquet of flowers she will definitely feel great about spending more time with you.

Just hearing your voice in the morning makes my day

This is used well on married couples, if you have never thought of sending a romantic love SMS for her, then this is the right time for you to. The best time to send her one would be when you are far apart, especially when you are on a business trip or just at work. Surprising her with such an SMS will leave her yearning for you and she will actually feel young and in love once

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