How To Lose Weight Without Exercise – Diet Tips

Irrespective of the body type you find yourself in considered yourself beautiful and unique.

However, you will want to lose weight and feel better, yet you do not want to exercise the body.

Yes, I do understand, hitting the gym or jogging was so much work for me as well.

Today I’m glad to share with you these helpful guidelines to assist you in achieving your body goal

First, let’s look at the food that cause you to gain weight 

Step 1 – Cut down highly carbohydrate foods in-take
Since most carbohydrate food for example spaghetti , white rice , white bread are starchy foods with high calories, it is very necessary to reduce the intake of all your favorite carbohydrate dishes.

Quite tough to begin with but also very important in order for you to get that body size you are dreaming of. Get started !

Step 2 – Quit eating junk and fried foods
Out of many people enjoy fried foods because usually they taste great.  Mostly, junk foods contain only high amount of calories with less nutritious benefit and with excessive fats which take  longer hours to digest.

If you want to lose the body weight, stop eating them friend.

Step 3 – Avoid eating high protein foods
Certain foods contains ton of protein eg are peanut butter, cheese, whole fat milk etc. If you are trying to lose weight then you should totally avoid them.

Combining it with an unhealthy diet, high in saturated fats could cause health problems and make one gain weight.

Step 4 – Avoid eating heavy meal during late hours
Yes, sometimes we get hungry in the middle of the night or get home late after work, school or any other activity which result in us eating late. We are all guilty !!

The problem is when you often practice late hours eating, it’s advisable to eat our last heavy meal in the hours of 4pm or at most 6pm.

Step 5 – Properly chew your food
During school days, I had a friend who usually swallow rice instead of chewing, fast forward she went from size 8 to size 14.

Chewing your food well into smaller particles is very important, the stomach doesn’t have teeth , do not put pressure on your digestion system .

Step 6 – Don’t sleep right after eating your meal
Being in the morning, afternoon or evening avoid taking a nap right after eating. If you feel tired, then first get a sleep and eat later.

Right after eating your nice meal, watch a movie for at least 4 to 6 hours before you rest. Sleeping right after eating isn’t good for your health and can cause high blood sugar level.

Step 7 – Don’t over think or stress
Eventually you’re tired of trying all kinds of weight loss products or food supplement which never produce the result you wanted to see.

Perhaps, it made you feel frustrated but try to calm your nerves down. Stress can make one bloat , avoid its on your new journey.

Lastly,  let’s look at what you can eat to help you achieve your body goals

Step 8 – Introduce more vegetables and fruits into your diet
Prepare a delicious salad with your lettuce, carrots, cucumber etc. Since these vegetables are high in minerals and vitamins, this will boost your immune system and help you stay healthy.

Fruits are also great sources for weight loss and should be included in our daily diet. Instead of eating a heavy meal you should go in for smoothie or fruit salad.

Step 9 – Weekly plan your food time table
Strategically, plan a food time table which will be convenient for you, each day in the morning eat heavy well balanced breakfast, do not forget your vegetables and fruit .

Carefully select and eat foods that are lower in cholesterol during the afternoon and evening. Such food easily get digested.

Step 10 – Drink more water or prepare detox
Water is essential for your daily wellbeing, drinking more water can help boost your metabolism, a faster metabolism assist in burning fat which can result in weight loss.

In order to help you drink more water , you can daily prepare fresh delicious detox water, this will flush your system and help you feel better.

Step 11 – Drink lemon or cinnamon tea
Both lemons and cinnamon are great, it refreshes your breathe, aids in digestion and most importantly improve in weight loss.

With your favorite tea bag, prepare a rightful amount of lemon or cinnamon tea , daily drink before eating, wait for 30 minutes before eating.

Twice in a day is recommended, do not abuse this as it can result in health issues.

Step 12 – Don’t starve yourself
Do not punish yourself ! Eating healthy food does not make one fat, not having no food for a long period can.

Sometimes at the end of starving, you end up eating more than the usual . If you truly want to lose weight, eat appropriate healthy foods.

Step 13 – Eat well balanced food
Your body is the result of the food you eat , if you want to lose weight and feel more healthier then eat a well balanced food .

A well balanced food contains all the rightful six (6) nutrients. A healthy diet provides the body with important nutrients

Step 14 – Eat at most twice a day
Moreover, in the journey of losing weight it is very best to eat twice daily. Do not skip breakfast, the first important meal .

Preferably you can do lunch or dinner at the end of the day and eat the right proportion of food.

Step 15 – Go on keto diet 
On this very stage, you have reduce your carbohydrate food and add more protein to your day to day diet plan.

In addition, Keto diet is suitable  for all and also very effective for weight lose.

To sum up, stay consistent.

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