How to handle an abusive boss – Casandra gives tips

Casandra, a Ghanaian media personality has shared tips per her experience on how to handle an abusive boss in the workplace.

Speaking with host, Eunice Dede Tornyi on eTV Ghana’s African Women’s Voices show, she shared her own experience where she was losing her self-confidence due to verbal abuse from her boss at one company she used to work with.

She narrated that her boss at the time, who was a female, used to make comments like ‘you’re useless’ over slight mistakes and send emails with very abusive words, however, she did not even notice how much these words were getting to her and ripping her of her self-confidence till someone approached her one time after she broke down from hearing those harsh comments.

Talking of what to do when one has a verbally abusive boss, she shared from her own experience that to take back her confidence, she chose to leave the job. Casandra clarified that leaving the job is not the fixed way for everyone to take back their confidence in such situations, however, was what she thought was best for her.

She gave an alternative, “You can also go to your boss and communicate and say ‘I know you’re my boss, I respect you, I love you and I love my job but these words pull me down so can you please refrain from using them on me’. There’s always a way but whatever you do, take back that power or else it’ll cost you.”

She observed that if people do not take back their self-confidence it will gradually eat them up and whenever they are called upon to do what it is they are good at doing, they will keep questioning their skill, and they just might not be able to take back their confidence ever again.


Source:  e.TV Ghana


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