How to Do a Computer Speed Test

Your computer’s speed will let you know how quickly it is. The speed of the computer is often mentioned on the specification sheet on the box when you purchase one. Additionally, you may test the speed on your own. I’ll explain how to do a computer speed test in this section.

Starting out, it seems only appropriate to define what is meant by “computer performance.” In case you are unaware, it is just a measurement of the PC’s hardware power. It is the functionality of identical parts, including the CPU, RAM, video card, and disk.

How to do a computer speed test?

How to do a computer speed test?

Having made all the premises of the case, you are surely wondering how to do a computer speed test? I have explained below how to test on both Windows 10 and older version Windows computers.

How to do a computer speed test? Windows 10 PC

If you are interested in seeing the speed of your Windows 10 PC, you need to invoke the said tool called Command prompt Performance Index. The directions below are also valid if you want to know how to see PC performance on Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.

To proceed, click on the Start button, type PowerShell in the search field displayed on the screen. Then right-click on the link for Windows PowerShell. Select Run as administrator from the menu that opens and respond to the warning you see appear on the screen by pressing the Yes button.

Now that you see the PowerShell window on your desktop enter the command winsat formalin it and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Wait for the system to evaluate the components and, once completed. At the end, you will see the words Total execution time with the indication of how long it took to execute. Enter the command Get-CimInstance Win32_WinSatand press the Enter key again, to be able to consult it.

Now, view the Windows Performance Index scores for the affected computer components. More precisely, the system will return the values ​​shown below with the relative score next to it.

  • CPUScore refers to the processor.
  • D3DScore refers to game graphics.
  • DiskScore refers to the primary hard drive.
  • Graphic Score refers to the graphics card.
  • Memory Score refers to RAM memory.
  • WinSPRLevel is the base score.

Note that the results of the computer performance analysis are also returned in the form of XML files. They are automatically saved in the Windows / Performance / Winsat / Windows DataStore path.

You can carry out the analysis of specific computer components. Do it by entering the following commands. Always followed by pressing the Enter key.

  • winsat cpu – allows you to evaluate the processor.
  • winsat d3d – allows you to carry out the evaluation of 3D capabilities.
  • winsat disk – allows you to evaluate the primary hard drive.
  • winsat graphics formal – allows you to evaluate the graphics card.
  • winsat mem – allows to carry out the evaluation of the RAM.
  • winsat media – allows you to perform the video evaluation.

How to do a computer speed test? Windows 7 PC

Now let’s see how to see PC speed on Windows 7. In this case, the Performance Index tool has a graphical interface. It is not necessary to act from the command prompt as with the most up-to-date versions of the operating system from Microsoft.

In the screen, you will find the component’s values ​​with the relative score reached next to it. Processor, RAM, Video Card, and Hard Drive performance scores are included.

To be precise, the values ​​in question are shown in the Component column. You will find the factors taken into consideration for the analysis, while in that Partial score the score is assigned to each of the components. In the Base Score column, on the other hand, the lowest partial score is shown.

At the bottom of the screen, you will also find the date on which the last useful evaluation of the computer’s performance was carried out. If you wish to carry out a new analysis, you can do so by clicking on the Rerun evaluation link always present at the bottom, on the right.

If you cannot see the performance of the PC and in the screen where this should be present, you will find the writing Windows Performance Index not yet defined. To remedy it, click on the Computer classification button and wait for the evaluation of the PC components to be carried out. I have used xtra-pc on my slow PC. It performed faster and you can know more in the review of xtra-pc.

Program to see the speed of the computer

Program to see the speed of the computer

You can use these programs to see the performance of the PC:

  1. Geekbench (Windows/macOS) – It is a universal solution for benchmarking that allows you to test the performance of your computer (as well as of mobile devices connected to the PC). Carrying out special stress tests to evaluate the status of the CPU and GPU, without too many technicalities or graphics that are difficult to decipher. It is cross-platform and paid, but you can enjoy a 1-month free trial.
  2. 3D Mark (Windows): Available only for Windows operating systems. It works by carrying out stress tests of various levels on the PC and when completed. Also, it shows a score that establishes whether under load the computer’s performance can be stable or not. It’s for Windows only and it’s free, but to unlock all available tests. You need to upgrade to the paid version. It should be noted that in addition to testing the computer, it can also be used to check the performance of smartphones and tablets.

Final words

Now, you are clear about how to do a computer speed test. A slower PC is a burden to everyone. I have explained the overall process to test your computer speed. If your PC is slow, update or repair the part that is causing the problem. I hope you can test your computer speed and enjoy a hassle-free performance.

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