How to check whether an android phone is original or fake

It’s soo painful when you buy anything in the market and end up with something different when you get home. Surely you must be familiar with the ” what you ordered vs what you got” trend on social media nowadays, and it happens mostly in clothes and outfits but what about phones?

In today’s world, the buying and selling of fake phones and gadgets is not a new thing, but unfortunately, people fall for it all the time. The major reason why a lot of people fall victim to these fake devices is a lack of awareness and knowledge on the subject. If you want to be able to identify fake phones in the market, you must first understand how they disguise these phones to look like the originals.

The Obvious OS Switch

OS in this case stands for operating system. Funny enough, it happens a lot nowadays when you see a phone with a completely different operating system than what it is supposed to have. Imagine an iPhone having an android OS and the google play store app. This is clearly a red flag.

lot of fake phones are designed to look like the originals but the specs give them away.  This is why you need to know a little about the specs of any phone you are purchasing. Unfortunately, some of these fake phones have altered and ” false” specs which can deceive anyone.

Thankfully, there are apps like CPU- Z that help identify the original specs of any phone and this can signify you about the originality of a phone.


The IMEI is sort of an identification number that every phone has. It is a good way to confirm how authentic a phone is. The IMEI of any phone can easily be checked in the settings or by dialling *#06# on the phone app. Once you get the IMEI, you can crosscheck it in the database of sites like IMEII dot com.

Do fast and check for your phone and see whether is original or not.

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