How my parents influenced my style of music – Black Sherif reveals

Black Sherif, a gifted musician from Ghana who has achieved success with songs like “Second Sermon” and “Villian I Never Was,” recently spoke out about his influences and artistic background.

Black Sherif revealed how his parents fostered his passion of music in an exclusive chat with CNN’s Larry Madowo.

Black Sherif recalled how his father first exposed him to reggae music and how this early exposure had a profound effect on him. He also gave his mother’s musical preferences, which included reggae and indigenous music, credit for expanding his musical horizons.

“My mum and dad love music. The first time I met my dad he put me on reggae music. That feeling was different.

How my parents influenced my style of music – Black Sherif reveals

“My mum loves Alpha Blondie and Adane Best, which built my interest in music and taste and stuff. It was very indigenous music and reggae as well as highlife music,” he recalled.

The basis for Black Sherif’s unique approach to music creation was laid by this fusion of influences. He described his music as modern highlife with reggae elements, highlighting how he uses classic melodies and rhythms in his current songs.

Black Sherif has gained a significant reputation for fusing native music with reggae and contemporary high life. His dedication to innovate while keeping loyal to his musical heritage has established him as a leading figure in Ghana’s music landscape.

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