How Many Times A Week Does A Happy Couple Have S*x?

Typically the majority of steamy sexual encounters take place during the early stages of new romance and then taper off a bit once the newness wears thin. The trouble is that people typically tend to base the overall happiness of their relationship on very few things. It has often been said that you can gauge a couple’s happiness by the amount of sex that takes place. Since that seems to be a general consensus and everyone wants to have the healthiest possible relationship with the person they love, let’s look into how true it actually is.

More sex doesn’t make a happy couple.

Relationships aren’t completely based around having sex unless that’s the basis of your relationship. If it is then you are not likely seriously in love with that person, you’re in love with what you do together.

A study published in the Social Psychology and Personality Science journal looked at data from 25,510 Americans, ages 18 to 89. For almost two-thirds of them that were married or in committed relationships, more sex equated to happier relationships. The catch was that when researchers did the math on the amount of sex that lead to happier relationships, that number only averaged out to be once a week. That’s right, having sex just 52 times a year should suffice.

No sex isn’t a good sign either.

A lack of sexual attention and financial issues are the leading causes of divorce or breakups. There is no doubt that having sex contributes heavily to the emotional well-being of a relationship so sexless relationships seem like they are destined to crash and burn, especially for young couples.

Before calling it quits, couples should always consider what factors are contributing to the lack of sexual activity in their relationship. Several things can alter a person’s desire to have sex. Maybe there was an increase in stress levels at work, or possibly something else is putting a damper on that sexual fire. Figure that part out and the frequency of sex might increase.

Balance is key to almost everything in life.

There is no exact amount of sex for a couple to have that will lead to a happy relationship. It all boils down to personal preference and finding the right balance with your partner. Healthy relationships are about accepting and compromising evenly for your partner’s happiness.

The rules are simple. If you both love sex, have a lot of it. If both of you prefer to keep the action light, then bang it out whenever the mood strikes. If you are opposites, find a middle ground that will keep both of you satisfied.

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