How I was defrauded of GH¢3,000 by lottery scammer – Kwadwo Nkansah recounts

Actor Kwadwo Nkansah, better known by his stage name LilWin, is from Ghana. He has revealed a sad story about being tricked by people posing as lottery agents.

He related how, while filming a Hisense commercial at an airport, a fictitious lottery agent put him in touch with someone else—possibly his supervisor.

LilWin revealed that he received an order for GH¢3,000 for lottery numbers. He was given an alternative after being told that the numbers they had planned to provide him were not accessible.

How I was defrauded of GH¢3,000 by lottery scammer – Kwadwo Nkansah recounts

“I was in Accra for a Hisense advert. A man, posing as a commander, contacted my manager, claiming to seek me. On the phone, he directed me to a secluded area and spoke of ‘leaked’ lotto numbers he wanted me to bet on. He provided another contact for the lotto digits, which turned out to be him disguising his voice.

“The ‘two sure’ numbers were priced at GH¢3,000. I hurriedly withdrew the amount and handed it over. Later, he returned, claiming the ‘two sure’ numbers were gone, leaving only ‘three sure’ which would cost GH¢5,000,” he detailed during an interview with Adom FM.

Because the con artist had already taken out a portion of the money, LilWin claimed he was unable to get the entire sum back.

“That’s when I realized I had been scammed. I rushed to the MTN office to reclaim the funds, but after banking procedures, I found out the scammer had already taken GH¢2,000…” he claimed.

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