How I survived near-fatal accident – LilWin narrates

Kwadwo Nkansah, widely known as LilWin, is a well-known actor and politician in Ghana. He has spoken up about how he escaped a near-fatal accident that caught the public off guard.

In his account, the youngster who was sick in the car with him and his driver was a student at his school, and they were looking for a pharmacy to buy medication.

They had to go to collect the medications after their attempt to get them from a town pharmacy failed. However, the driver was hurrying on their route there since they were afraid the youngster might die from the illness.

LilWin said that the inexperienced driver struck a tricycle, but fortunately no one was hurt. However, the car incurred damage as a result of the collision.

How I survived near-fatal accident – LilWin narrates

“On my way home, the accident occurred. I was not the one driving the car; it was a guy called Kwame Success. One of our students was not feeling well, so, we were going to buy him medicine at the pharmaceutical shop. Most of the shops we visited had closed. So he was moving to another town and on his way he was speeding to get to his destination earlier and also due to the fear that the child would die.

“He is not good at driving though. So, in the course of the movement, the car collided with a tricycle and the car got damaged. I was not worried because we wanted to save the child’s life. Those in the car didn’t sustain any injury but it was the tricycle rider who was injured,” LilWin said in a video shared on the social media page and posted by Express GHTV on their YouTube channel.

He indicated that he took care of the injured tricycle driver for his treatment at the hospital and bought him a new tricycle to continue his work.

“I took the tricycle driver to the hospital for treatment and now he has fully recovered. I can’t let him be jobless due to the accident so I bought him a new tricycle.”


Kwadwo Nkansah recently faced a life-threatening car accident.

Sharing a photograph of his severely damaged car on both his Instagram and Facebook profiles, LilWin revealed the harrowing incident to his followers on Sunday, October 29, 2023.

The actual collision happened on October 15, 2023, but LilWin decided to post a picture of his broken-down car a few days later.

LilWin thanked God profusely in the caption of his post for saving his life. His devoted fan base as well as the entertainment business were shocked by the picture, which showed the once-sleek black automobile in a severely wrecked state.

LilWin’s admirers and well-wishers were happy to hear that he survived the incident and is still sharing details about his road to recovery with them, even if the accident’s location was unknown.

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