How I met my husband – Berla Mundi

Berla Mundi, a well-known media figure, has shared details of how she first met David Tabi and how their relationship developed into marriage.

She claimed to have announced that she is still unmarried and would desire a marriage by posting a photo of herself on one of her social media accounts. David Tabi hinted in a message he might be the one after a short while.

Berla Mundi continued her story by stating that she did not take him seriously since she does not believe in social media. Nevertheless, she started learning about David Tabi’s social media activities when one of her friends showed her his photo.

According to Berla Mundi, they got closer after looking over his social media activity. Her buddy persuaded her to give David Tabi some thought, which is how their friendship developed into a marriage.

“He [David Tabi] sent me a DM many times. Sometime back I shared a picture and wrote that I am not a married woman and I am waiting to get my husband. Then somebody sent me a DM and said ‘Oh but I can be your husband.’ When I checked the person’s picture I said this person is cute but because I don’t like social media stuff I didn’t even pay attention.

“And then Naana [Berla’s close friend] showed me his picture and asked if I knew the guy. Then I sent Freddie to check out his social media handles and find out who he was following and who was following him to know more about him. I later found out that he grew up together with one of my friends and now I happen to marry him. I guess it was meant to happen,” she said during the marriage ceremony.

David Tabi and Berla Mundi exchanged vows in a secret ceremony.

It was stated that attendees were prohibited from using their phones on the property in order to prevent photos and videos from being shared on social media.

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