Hopeson Adorye ‘addresses’ Jubilee House over his arrest

Former Deputy National Security Coordinator Hopeson Adorye has attacked the administration, alleging that people in Jubilee House are intimidating him.

He voiced his displeasure at what he saw as the administration he assisted in bringing to office treating him unfairly.

He highlighted his role in the success of the current administration and made his claim to a portion of the Jubilee House’s authority known.

“For me to do party work and employ a strategy for you to win power. I am saying it here today, all those in the Jubilee House, nobody can use the power to intimidate me. I have a percentage in the power,” Adorye proclaimed on a panel discussion on Onua TV on May 29, 2024.

He added “You have cut me off from benefiting from the monetary aspect, no problem. But for the power to defend yourself in town, there is no way for someone to intimidate me.”

Hopeson Adorye ‘addresses’ Jubilee House over his arrest

In a radio interview, Hopeson Adorye, who was kicked out of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) a few months ago, acknowledged that he and other party members had intimidated voters in 2016 by setting off dynamites in NDC strongholds.

His arrest and upcoming trial are the result of this discovery.

A Circuit Court on May 23 freed him on 20,000 Ghana cedis bail because to allegations that he had published incorrect information.

This came after an invitation to the Ghana Police Service’s CID headquarters in midweek, where they spent the night at the Ministries Police Station.

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