Here Are The 2 Causes Of Why You Do Not Last Longer On Bed With Your W0man

The issue of early discharge in men during intimacy is something that every man who cares about his health should take a good look at.

It is the desire of every man to satisfy his partner in any way and at any time. So men try their utmost to make sure their partner feels happy after intimacy and this can be achieved through long spending quality time during intimacy.

Therefore, any man that is having the issue of early discharge or premature discharge may never be proud of himself self hence I decided to put together this piece so you my reader can know some possible causes of early discharge in men.


Causes of early or premature discharge in men can be classified as psychological and emotional.

• Psychological cause of early discharge in men can be as a result of experiences that has lived with he has been victim over a period of time and affected his mental health. Although most people think men are strong, of course, they are, but they still go through pains that affect them psychologically. They have memories that can traumatize their health, and this can lead to conditions like quick discharge.

• Emotional cause could be attributed to some of these factors which include low self-esteem, depression, worry about discharging early, dissatisfaction in your current relationship, and even stress.


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