Headmaster reveals why teachers are leaving the teaching sector

The former Bodi Senior High School principal has weighed in on the debate surrounding the migration of teachers, calling on the administration to enhance teachers’ working conditions.

According to Joseph Arthur, teachers in Ghana endure appalling working circumstances, which causes some of them to emigrate when given the chance.

Although he acknowledges that education is the cornerstone of society advancement, he thinks it is crucial to acknowledge and take into account the worries of the committed adults who mold young minds.

Headmaster reveals why teachers are leaving the teaching sector

The current headmaster of EL College claims that the absence of government support and enthusiasm make teaching in Ghana rather disheartening.

He emphasized that instructors in neighboring nations like Cote d’Ivoire are paid more competitively than those in Ghana, which makes teaching in those nations more alluring.

Joseph Arthur claims that the Ghanaian teaching profession is disrespected by its lack of adequate recompense.

Additionally, he maintained that given the importance of teachers in the development of nations, the profession deserved improved working conditions.

”Teachers’ working conditions are deplorable. We are not respected or treated well. That discourages teachers from giving their all. I recently visited Cote D’voire and saw how important education is there. Teachers in that country live in bungalows, and most of them have cars, which is why they do their best.”

He emphasized that Ghanaian teachers will continue to leave the country in pursuit of better opportunities overseas if the problem is not resolved.

He counseled the administration to improve teacher working conditions in order to have the best teacher-to-student ratio possible.

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