He Will Be The Best President In Ghana’s History – Ken Agyapong’s Baby Mama

Kennedy Agyapong is regarded as a kind, God-fearing, and kind-hearted guy whose leadership as president of the country will benefit most Ghanaians by Linda Atowe, the mother of one of Kennedy Agyapong’s children.

“He possesses some rare hidden qualities, which some politicians especially corrupt people detest because of fear of exposure”.

In an interview with the GNA, Madam Linda Atowe, a former employee of the shuttered Ghana Airways, said that many individuals in the highest echelons of government would not want Ken Agyapong to be their leader because there would be no place for backroom deals to gain riches.

“I have known Ken for many years, had a child with him and I know what I am talking about. He has a clean and kind heart and he does not discriminate”, she explained.

Madam Atowe, who hails from Navrongo in the Upper East Region said, “I have been monitoring Ken’s utterances in the ongoing campaign of the NPP to choose a presidential candidate as well as observing public reactions.

He Will Be The Best President In Ghana’s History – Ken Agyapong’s Baby Mama

He is not pretending to be who he is not in terms of communication to the delegates.

“He is a problem solver and results oriented as well as enigmatic human being, which Ghanaians must try”, she emphasized

“He has mentored a lot of politicians who are occupying key positions in the current government today. In fact, business is his other name and he used to tell me the country must focus and create business opportunities for all persons for the needed development”, she said.

Madam Atowe said, “I have only one child with him and he has given the child a house and any other month, he shops and send us money for our upkeep”.

According to her, Agyepong’s ambition to become President was because “Ghana needs to get rid of people who claim to love Ghana but milk the country dry”.

“Someone who is strict and will not reverse his words is who Ken is and he never promised and failed. I can also say in confidence that he can rule the country with honesty if voted for”, she said.

She said she was speaking out because many Ghanaians did not know the other side of him saying, “Again he has publicly told the world about the number of children he has and I must confirm that my child is one of them.

“One other thing he hates in his life is lies and stealing. Ken had always maintained that people who lie are not trustworthy and could be thieves.

“I also believe that someone who has children across the country would ensure equitable distribution of the national cake”, she said.

Madam Atowe therefore appealed to delegates to withstand monetary influence and abuse of incumbency and vote for Ken Agyapong to lead them in 2024.

“I must admit that all the contestants are capable but in terms of competence and delivery, Ken tops them”, she said.

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