He ch0pped me because of 1 Ghana Cedi – Teenager confesses


A 15-year-old girl has informed the public her heartbreaking experience after a man who used to give her 1 Ghana cedi got her pregnant while she seeks for her mother’s whereabouts. After her father’s sister, who has cared for her since infancy, refused to stay with her after giving birth.

And after that she prefers to leave and stay with the young boy who got her pregnant’s parents. This young Junior High School female student in an interview with Oyerepa Afutuo Host, Ante Naa to look for her mother, whom she has never seen since she was born.


The auntie of this 15-year old girl spoke on the radio station. And according to the auntie of this 15 years old girl, their daughter got the bravery to sleep with the man in the man’s mother’s bedroom and became pregnant as a result.

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Regardless, the woman offered her the choice of remaining calm and staying with her but not seeing the kid after she gave birth, or leaving the lady’s house to have the freedom to see the boy.

The picture is shown underneath.

This 15-year-old girl also spoke on the radio station, and below is exactly what she revealed. “I slept with him because he used to give me GH1 when my mother’s GH2 was insufficient. We did it at my mother’s place, where he was paying me a visit. “We slept together once, and I got pregnant,”

After revealing this, the young girl begged her father’s sister to forgive her and return her because she was unable to care for herself and her newborn child.

This is so sad, and we hope that her auntie will forgive her and returned her to the house.


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