Have you ever wondered why people betray the trust that has been placed in them?

Society labels people as good or bad based on personal experience. It is true that a person can be very good with you and be evil with somebody else and vice versa. The behavior of a person is selective-we behave differently with different people that is why we are not identical with everyone we meet.

One bitter experience in life is being betrayed. Betrayal is serious because it destroys trust, and without trust there can be no relationships. Without trust, society, families, institutions, friendships, relationships and most certainly a marriage cannot function. Betrayal shakes a person to his core because it ruptures his ability to trust.

According to Cambridge English Dictionary, Betrayal is the breaking or violation of a presumptive contract, trust, or confidence that produces moral and psychological conflict within a relationship amongst individuals, between organizations or between individuals and organizations.

Have you ever lived through a worst betrayal story, and how did you react? Those who have been betrayed before will tell you sometimes the characters that we think are good guys turn out to be bad guys but have you wondered what causes people to betray the trust that has been placed in them? Before we get into it here are some of the betrayal stories gathered from folks and some family members.

“I think the worst betrayal I ever went through was when I skipped work to throw a surprise party for my girlfriend, and she cheated right in front of me with one of the guests at the party. To make things worse, the next day I was fired for skipping work,” Kwesi shared with tears in his eyes.

According to Helena, her ‘best friend’ in college copied her project for their final paper, presented it first to the professor, and she came out looking like the liar. But that really motivated her to prepare a new project in two months; the other project had taken me five months. In the end, she got an A and she flunked, because she knew absolutely nothing about the subject.

Betrayal is terrible because it causes the person who has been betrayed to question his ability to trust again and it also causes them to question their own judgement and it destroys their confidence.

Let none of us ever lose our confidence or our ability to trust others because of some experiences. Let’s hope and pray that there will always be those because of whom we will be able to maintain our trust in mankind.




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