Haija4Reall returns to TikTok after a long break

Hajia4Reall, a socialite, just signed up for TikTok with the goal of reuniting with her admirers, whom she freely admits to missing.

Her well-intended attempt, however, was criticized by several internet users.

A surprise visitor to her TikTok account during a live session offered uninvited advise that she should avoid social media, particularly in light of her current fraud prosecution.

In the UK, legal action is being taken against Hajia4Reall, whose true name is Mona Montrage, for allegedly participating in a $2 million wire scam.

Haija4Reall returns to TikTok after a long break

She has been given a $500,000 bail and is being monitored via an ankle tracker as part of her legal issue.

The worried follower expressed concern for Hajia4Reall’s general wellbeing and recommended that she take a break from social media in order to prevent unnecessary stress and unfavorable encounters.

However, this suggestion was not well received by Hajia4Reall.

She responded by saying that she participates in the shared human experience that social media provides and sees it as a platform for fostering human connection.

She questioned whether, as a person, she wasn’t entitled to the opportunity to participate in online discussions in the same way as everyone else.

She urged her followers to understand her viewpoint in response to the advise.

To communicate with her audience and share her feelings and experiences, the artist plans to have regular live streaming sessions in the future.


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