GWR: Seidu Rafiwu completes 4-day walk-a-thon from Techiman to Accra

Seidu Rafiwu, a competitor for the Guinness World Records (GWR) title for the longest walk-a-thon, has effectively concluded his endeavor to set a record for the most distance walked on foot.

Rafiwu started his endeavor on Saturday, April 27, and finished the 383-kilometer walk from Techiman to Accra in 96 hours.

On Tuesday, April 30, he called it quits on his record attempt in Osu, Accra’s Independence Square.

Rafiwu later refuted the earlier rumors that he had passed out while trying to break the record.

According to the accounts, Rafiwu had apparently collapsed upon arriving to the Konongo township, and had since died of exhaustion.

GWR: Seidu Rafiwu completes 4-day walk-a-thon from Techiman to Accra

Rafiwu continued, saying that the video that went viral on social media captured an incident that happened during the medical team’s planned recuperation session for him.

When he stops traveling, the group actively massages his legs and thighs to relieve any tension or pain.

After walking 228.930 kilometers in September 1976 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, Jesse Casteneda of the United States set the record for the longest walking marathon.

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