Groupe Nduom will soon bounce back stronger – Paa Kwesi Kwesi Nduom

Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, the chief executive of Groupe Nduom, has thanked the residents of Elmina for supporting him through this trying period.


The business tycoon, who is from Elmina, celebrated this year’s Bakatue holiday with his folks over the weekend.


Dr. Nduom sent brief message that read, “I haven’t stood anyplace at Elmina or elsewhere in the country like this in very long time. 
Groupe Nduom will soon bounce back stronger – Paa Kwesi Kwesi Nduom
We may have traveled across the nation for the bank four years ago.

“Since then, for health and business reasons, I have been living nearly entirely in the USA,” he stated.

The company’s chairman acknowledged that “it has been challenging all around,” while also reminding the audience of his personal and professional problems.

But I have believed in my religion, the truth, and my hard work, he said. As a result, we never gave up.

“Bakatue also represents a new season and fresh beginnings,” he continued. I want for everyone, including Edinaman, that.

Many people he has recently encountered, he claims, have questioned when Groupe Nduom will firmly stand on its feet once more and bring jobs back.

He stated that he and his staff are making a serious effort to address the issues the Groupe is facing in response to the people’s worries.

“We are putting a lot of effort into finding solutions to issues and asking God to bless our efforts with success. Edinaman and the entire nation will profit from our achievement, he promised.

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