Gov’t To Reconstruct Tema Motorway Into 10-Lane

The Accra-Tema motorway will be redesigned as a 10-lane expressway, according to Minister of Roads and Highways Kwasi Amoako-Attah.

He claims that his team is working assiduously to rebuild the highway to handle both the existing and anticipated pressure.

The project’s scope of construction includes a 10-lane, 19.5 km long, reinforced concrete freeway with 4 lanes and an urban highway with 6 lanes.

The project also includes reconstruction of the 5.7 km stretch from Tetteh Quarshie to Apenkwa, remodeling of the Tetteh Quarshie, Apenkwa, and Achimota Interchanges, construction of 5 new Interchanges (Lashibi, Abattoir, Teshie Link, Fiesta Royale, and Neoplan Junction), and the installation of 14 pedestrian footbridges, toll plazas, and streetlights.

The ministry restored a section of the freeway to traffic last Friday after it had been temporarily closed so that work could be done to fix a broken bridge along the 19-kilometer stretch.

Gov’t To Reconstruct Tema Motorway Into 10-Lane

Because of the increased traffic from the repairs, the reconstruction work caused some issues for drivers.

On Friday, June 17, 2022, the Atiwa West legislator stated in Parliament that “the future program is to expand the present freeway to a 10-lane” length of road.

It will have three urban motorways, access control, a freeway, and numerous footbridges for pedestrian crossing.

The Minority in Parliament asserted in August 2021 that the enlargement project had not received parliamentary approval.

The sector minister denied Kwame Agbodza’s assertions that Mota-Engil Engenharia Construcao Africa S.A. is unqualified to carry out the project on a design and construct basis and that the contract should be immediately revoked.
The allegations and conclusions made by the MP were “inaccurate and misleading,” the ministry declared in a statement, “without the slightest equivocation.”

“We wish to state that the Minister and Ministry have in no way violated the requirement for parliamentary approval for the Accra-Tema Motorway Extension Project, and as a result, the full content of the Hon. Member’s press conference should be totally disregarded and ignored by the good people of Ghana,” the statement reads.

The government stated that Mota-Engil and it entered into a business agreement in December 2020.

“Without the addition of a financial agreement, this commercial contract cannot be submitted to parliament as is. The finance arrangements have not yet been finalized. So, when the records that must be submitted to parliament have not been finalized, it is premature for anyone to assert or imply that we have broken the law, the ministry said at the time.

“It is not unusual to sign a business contract for an international project with preconditions before submitting it to parliament.

“The commercial contract for the La Beach Road Completion project was signed in September 2012 with comparable precedents. The Contract went into force in 2019 after receiving approval from the government and the parliamentary body in November and December of 2018, respectively.

“Once more, the commercial contract for the Accra Intelligent Traffic Management Systems Project was also inked in September 2012 with analogous precedents. The contract went into force in 2019 after receiving cabinet and parliamentary authorization in November and December of last year, respectively.

Local content is actively promoted by the Ministry of Roads and Highways. In fact, local contractors will be responsible for 40% of total work on the Accra-Tema Motorway Extension Project. However, we want to make it clear that 23 companies exhibited interest when the open competition for bids began in December 2018. None were from Ghana. Therefore, it is false to imply that Ghanaian businesses were not included.

“It is simplistic and ignorant for anyone to perform a straightforward calculation of cost over distance and come to the conclusion that the Accra-Tema Motorway Extension Project’s cost is excessively high without considering the Project’s actual scope and the works required to complete it,” the statement reads.

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