Giving money on camera is rude, in my opinion – Sarkodie

 Multiple award-winning Ghanaian Rapper, Sarkodie claims that he must go against his nature because of his line of work.

On June 21, 2022, Sarkodie discussed his opinion of giving money to people in front of the camera on “Podcast with Mac” in Nigeria.

Sarkodie has made the decision not to imitate other musicians despite what many of them do.

He thinks that anyone can provide money to someone, especially ladies, and then use that person for their own gain without considering reciprocation.

Giving money on camera is rude, in my opinion – Sarkodie

Sarkodie claims he won’t give away money on the street no matter what others think, despite the fact that he frequently assists those who aren’t well-known.

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“I believe that the job I took is not my Michael’s work since it requires me to accomplish something that I am unable to perform. I believe that even when someone comes and throws money at them with bad intentions, Africans enjoy it. For example, even with women, men will spend money on you and take advantage of you because they believe that is where you should be, but their motivations are different from those of the person who was not giving you money but genuinely wants to spend real time or provide something genuine.

I detest having a camera on me in Ghana and having to give them money. That means, in my mind, that I don’t respect you, so if I have money, I must offer it to you in some manner.

Funny enough, though, that’s what our fans want, and I’m not willing to change for that since it doesn’t seem right in me. As a result, it appears that you are stingy because when I meet my fans in front of a camera, I won’t give them money. I have a camera with me, but I’m not going to push it. I do offer help to others, but only to them. I’m just feeling like it,” he said.

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