Give government scholarships to deserving recipients only – Joyce Bawah

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer’s assistant, Joyce Bawah Mogtari, has emphasized the significance of maintaining government-sponsored scholarships for the genuinely impoverished.

During an interview on Thursday, April 4, on JoyNews AM Show, she pleaded with lawmakers and well-off people not to apply for state scholarships for their kids’ education.

She argues that giving these scholarships to wealthy people tarnishes the reputation of the Scholarship Secretariat because they are meant for people who actually need the money.

Give government scholarships to deserving recipients only – Joyce Bawah

The former deputy minister of transportation emphasized that deserving but underprivileged pupils would suffer unnecessarily if this concept was broken.

“It is for very good reason the scholarship secretariat was created. It’s for those who are brilliant but cannot afford but it is sad that persons who are doing well and can fund their ward’s education are now taking over. My advice to them is that they should leave it for those who need it.”

Her remarks come in response to a recent exposé published by the Fourth Estate, which asserted that the country’s wealthy and well-connected citizens receive a disproportionate number of scholarships.

The registrar of the Scholarship Secretariat, Dr. Kingsley Agyemang, has called for the quick passage of legislation to control the distribution of scholarships.

Dr. Agyemang emphasized the difficulties officials currently have in establishing eligibility as a result of the absence of precise legislative standards outlining the requirements for those in need.

He emphasized the significance of scholarship laws to define eligibility requirements and remove any doubt from the allocation procedure.

“I think a scholarship legislation is so eminent and that will set out everything that we need to do or how the funds need to be managed.”

“It’s been managed over the years by the dexterity of leaders. What I think is so important – so in conjunction with maybe National Development Planning Commission and DPC to really identify priority areas that as Ghanaians, we need to.”

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