Ghana’s Military recruiting Grandmothers & Grandfathers as Soldiers

The enlistment of elderly people in the military has angered Ghana’s military. A woman in her 50s who enlisted in the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has been made public by The Herald, causing debate on the military’s recruitment practices in recent years.
Her photos went viral last Friday after she finished her military training at the GAF’s Jungle Warfare Training School in Achiase, Eastern Region. She is identified as Private F Baah Ofosuhemaa, army number 2217998.

She was assigned to the 6 Battalion of Infantry in Accra, but she is currently stationed at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra, indicating that the military has concealed her in the comfort of a medical institution since she is unable to handle the hardships of life in the field.

Ghana’s Military recruiting Grandmothers & Grandfathers as Soldiers

The circumstances surrounding her recruitment raise concerns regarding the GAF’s selection procedures and if the Ghana Army’s choice to hire her was affected by any particular demands, such as vocation or career.

Little is known about the woman other than the fact that she was recruited, which has caused indignation both inside and outside the Armed Forces due to the current government’s debasement of the enrollment process by conducting secret enrolments rather than a competitive process.

According to the Herald, Ofosuhemaa worked as the branch women organizer for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Buduburam, which is close to Kasoa in the Central Region, prior to entering the military.

On social media, pictures of her wearing NPP regalia with voluminous makeup and big eyebrows have gone viral.

Her photos from when she reported for training went viral on social media months ago, but some took it as a joke. She has, nevertheless, subsequently received official recognition as a member of the army.

Aside from worries about political sway over military hiring, the public is also doubting the readiness of older people for active duty, taking into account things like age, health, and anticipated years of duty.

While the focus remains on Ofosuhemaa, there are claims that she is not an isolated case, and other older individuals are allegedly being discharged, despite their experience and fitness.

Notably, a few years ago, another over-aged individual named Bakpa gained attention on social media after being enlisted as a private soldier.

The GAFs’ Public Relations Directorate is yet to address the public’s concerns regarding the recruitment of older individuals.

On a bigger scale, the issue raises suspicions about potential favouritism and job creation for unemployed party supporters.

Furthermore, the situation reflects a broader issue of transparency and fairness in Ghana’s military recruitment process.

Already, reports suggest ethnic and regional imbalances among the top echelons of the GAF as promotions and appointments have been skewed in recent years.

The Ghana Army’s Jungle Warfare School (JWS), Achiase held its fourth Passing-Out parade to celebrate the graduation of three hundred and four (304) Young Soldiers from the Basic Infantry Training Course 3.

The Army sacked two recruits who used forged documents to gain entry into the institution. The forgeries were discovered weeks into their training and were accordingly dismissed.

The latest graduation parade took place on Friday, February 9, at the Square of the Seth Anthony Barracks, Achiase, with Brigadier General Anthony Ntem, serving as the Reviewing Officer.

The training began on Friday, August 11, 2023, lasting a total of six months.

The 304 recruits underwent comprehensive military training covering various aspects, such as Physical Training, Tactics, Weapon Training, Drill, Military Law, Map Reading, Field Craft, and First Aid within the six (6) months they were camped.

The training aimed to equip them for the challenges of their future military careers.

At the awards ceremony, Private Ahatse Joshua, was recognized as the Overall Best Recruit, Boahen Obed as Best in Drill, Private Marfo Foster as Best Academically, and Private Boateng Sandra as Best Female Recruit.

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