‘Ghanaians Can’t-Wait To Give Mahama, the Chance to Rule’ – Prof. Alabi discloses


The Campaign Manager of the largest opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Prof. Joshua Alabi has reiterated that Ghanaians cannot wait to see former President John Mahama re-elected as the head of state.

The former Vice-Chancellor of UPSA , who has been touring some parts of the country with the NDC’s flagbearer, noted that he is shocked at the euphoria around Mr. Mahama whenever he visits the people.

Recounting how some residents in the Upper West and Volta Regions blocked roads to get Mr Mahama speak to them even at odd hours show that the people’s disappointment in President Akufo-Addo has reached a crescendo.

“Initially I was not happy people were blocking roads to have us talk to them but I later realized the people were yearning for him to be president again, so I had to allow for the address asked them,” Professor Alabi told Dwaboase host Kwame Minkah on Friday.

“The interesting thing is that when we went to the chiefs to present our policies to the people, the chiefs tell us in their welcome address what we did for them and tell us what they want us to do for them when we are voted into power. Even when we have not spoken, the chiefs and the people are able to tell us what we did to the amazement of the executives,” Prof. Alabi added as he bemoaned the refusal of the NPP government to continue the projects of the NDC.

“I can tell you this is the first time ever since I joined the NDC that I have seen that grounds are fertile for the NDC…This is because the government has disappointed the people,” he stated.
Failed Promises

Touching on the honesty and credibility of the NDC’s flag bearer, John Mahama, Prof. Alabi recounted how the people are calling for his reelection because of his hard work.
He indicated that on their recent tour to the five regions of the North and the Volta and Oti Regions, the people were able to point to projects and initiatives of the erstwhile Mills/Mahama administration and wished the NDC was in power.

Professor Alabi said the people in many parts of the country have realized the dishonesty of the Akufo-Addo government, following their inability to deliver on most of the promises made to the electorates in the run-up to the 2016 polls.

“The NPP has shown that they don’t qualify to ask Ghanaians for another term,” Professor Alabi told host Kwame Minkah as he argued that the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has not been able to deliver on their promises to Ghanaians prior to the 2016 elections.

The NDC Campaign Manager also observed he had toured most of the regions and realized the people were not feeling the impact of the good governance the ruling NPP tout to Ghanaians on daily basis.
For instance, Prof. Alabi noted the One District, One Factory (1D1F) initiative by the government is yet to be materialized, stating that the 1D1F which was promised Ghanaians has turned into partnering already established businesses which he said was done by the erstwhile NDC administration led by H.E John Mahama.

“It is not the noise that will show that there is a factory somewhere, it is the reality on the grounds that will show there is a factory here or there,” Prof. Alabi said “We have all saw that they [ the NPP] have lied to us and the people know about it.

“They promised 1 village 1 dams, we asked whether they wanted to build dugouts or dams, and they said dams, but they are only doing seasonal ponds,” Prof. Alabi revealed.

He stressed, “I have gone round and have seen what they did. What I saw were not dams but seasonal ponds. The people in the areas where they are constructing the seasonal ponds know they are not dams. So if you come to Accra and say they are dams, the people there take note of what you are saying.”

To him, Ghanaians are not satisfied with the performance of the NPP because of their inability to show what they have done with the “massive borrowing” and also fight corruption which is endemic in the Akufo-Addo administration.



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