Ghanaian youth deserves better – NPP Youth Organiser

The New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) National Youth Organiser, Salam Mustapha, has stated that Ghanaian youth deserve better.

He asserts that there is no question about the nation’s economic burden.

According to Mr. Mustapha, there is widespread stress, therefore despite differences in severity, young people all around the world have comparable experiences.

He recognized the nation’s economic difficulties and blamed them on the conflict in Eastern Europe and the COVID-19 pandemic’s worldwide effects.

These comments were given by the NPP Youth Organiser in response to the three-day #OccupyjulorbiHouse demonstration that was led by the advocacy organization Democracy Hub.

Ghanaian youth deserves better – NPP Youth Organiser

According to Mr. Mustapha’s remark, the demonstration had no real justification.

“I tried so hard in the 3 days of the protest to take home the most salient reason and demand for the protest, but nothing concrete. Except for the usual rhetoric of fixing the road, motorway, cost of living, and other tangential, which borders on politics,” portions of the statement read.

However, he condemned the actions of the police on the first day of the demonstration, emphasizing that the right to protest is a fundamental and constitutionally protected right.

The NPP Youth leader highlighted the importance of the police in drawing lessons from past events to prevent such occurrences.

“I followed with keen interest a 3-Day demonstration organised by a group known as Democracy Hub. I want to first condemn the action of the police force on the first day of the demonstration. I thought that the barbaric act that was meted on us in September 2015, where we were brutalised, served as a lesson for the police to learn from and never to repeat again, but alas.

“For the record, the right to demonstrate is inalienable and guaranteed by the Constitution. Citizens have the right to protest, albeit peacefully, to drum home their demands,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, Mustapha praised the government’s achievements in infrastructure development, noting major projects like the Ofankor-Nsawam dualisation of the Accra-Kumasi Highway and multiple interchange constructions.

also commended the government’s investments in education, health, and sports infrastructure, citing the completion of the University of Ghana Medical Centre, Agenda 111, and the increase in AstroTurf facilities.

Regarding job creation, he acknowledged that while unemployment remains a concern, the government has created over two million jobs and maintained a lower unemployment rate compared to the previous administration.

Mr. Mustapha urged for a balanced perspective on the government’s achievements, emphasizing the importance of national identification and digitalization.

In conclusion, Salam Mustapha expressed his confidence in the government’s commitment to addressing the current challenges, emphasizing that Ghana was the fastest-growing economy in the world in 2018. He urged unity and trust in the government’s efforts to “fix” the country.

The leader of the NPP National Youth Wing reiterated the government’s dedication to working for the betterment of Ghana, concluding with the rallying cry, “We are fixing Ghana!”

Read the full statement below:

NPP National Youth Wing commends government development efforts amid demonstration
NPP National Youth Wing commends government development efforts amid demonstration

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